Life’s a flash, there’s no turning back. 

26th October marked the release of ZILLION, the fascinating story of the rise and fall of Frank Verstraeten and his legendary and notorious dancing temple. For our client and distributor Kinepolis Film Distribution, we have set up the overall media strategy, media buying & rollout and provided support on PR execution.

From mid-October on, the attention was raised through the entwined offline and online strategy. Elevator Walls, an extensive digital OOH campaign in railway stations, TV jingles and creative media partnerships were established as a top layer retaining impact within the strategy.

By setting up various press moments, press visions, loose interview opportunities, a press day and finally a premiere that blew away all attendees, media coverage went through the roof. Every news outlet big or small was eager to speak with one of the cast members and/or the director, Robin Pront,  to get their slice of the cake. By doing so, we secured nationwide coverage in print and online news outlets (dailies & magazines, even covershoots), presence in tv shows – De Zevende Dag, De Tafel van Vier, De Ideale Wereld, Wakker op zondag … – as well as live presence in radio shows on the day of release – StuBru, MNM, Radio 1, Radio 2, Qmusic, Joe … – and in both national news broadcasts – VTM Nieuws and Het Journaal (VRT). Even a dedicated podcast by StuBru was created on ‘The Legend of Zillion’, hightlighting the craziness of the short existence of this legendary club.

In short, there was no escaping ZILLION in the weeks running up towards release as well as during launch week and even still, the hype train hasn’t stopped running.

It’s been quite the ride, and as it looks, its final destination is not yet in sight. Go to the cinemas and ‘Relive the hype‘!