Zeppos – Het Mercatorspoor

For his 18th birthday, Techno-geek Benjamin Kurrel receives the inheritance of his long lost father, Ben Kurrel: a suitcase filled with antiques. Among the artifacts is an extremely rare and ancient book.  By giving the book to Slien, the girl he has a crush on, he inadvertently sets in motion a series of unwanted events. An old man, calling himself Zeppos shows great interest in the book, rumored to have belonged to Mercator, the great cartographer. Together, the three follow the hidden trail Mercator left behind centuries. However a ruthless adversary tries to thwart them at every step of them unraveling the mistery. Their perilous quest not only brings them closer to the secret of Mercator, but also confronts Benjamin with his lineage.

Commissioned by Kinepolis Film Distribution, Day One was responsible for the various facets of the Media, PR & content plan for the Zeppos – Het Mercatorspoor cinema release.

Starting a few weeks before release, a constant feed of authentic content systematically built anticipation to ensure that the teen target audience could not ignore Zeppos – Het Mercatorspoor around release, along with the release campaign.