Mombloggers @ premiere ‘Wickie en het Magische Zwaard’

When Wickie’s mother, Ylva, is accidentally turned into a golden statue by the magical sword of Loki, Halvar and his crew have no choice but to sail to the forges of Loki, beyond the end of the world, in order to destroy the sword and bring Ylva back to life…

The famous litte viking – Wickie – has yet another great adventure awaiting. What better group of people to show this to, than dozens of mombloggers with their kids? Our thoughts exactly! In co-operation with Kinepolis Film Distribution, we had the opportunity to fill 2 cinema halls (1 French, 1 Dutch) with mombloggers from all over the country. An afternoon with some voiceactors (Stien Edlund and Wannes Lacroix), a giant Wickie de Viking himself (!), fun little Viking-hats and a lot of goodies made this afternoon one to remember for a loooong time!

Day One took care of the PR & influencer campaign, inviting all the mombloggers to the premiere. A warm thank you to all of them that attended!