As many kids are counting down the days towards the 6th of December when Sinterklaas will come down the chimney to bring them toys, the new Sinterklaas movie is in the cinemas! Get in the festive spirit of this wonderful holiday for kids with Sinterklaas en Koning Kabberdas.

Riko Tik used to be bullied and now wants to bully all children back. He forges Sinterklaas’ book in such a way that it seems that all the children are naughty. Disguised as King Kabberdas, he goes to the house of Sinterklaas to saddle the holy man with that wrong book. You can see how this adventure ends from this year’s autumn break in the new film Sinterklaas and Koning Kabberdas.

For our client and distributor Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD), we took care of getting as much mainstream (dailies, magazines, radio and television) coverage as possible. By setting up interview opportunities and a big premiere at Kinepolis Antwerp, we managed to make a nice campaign for Sinterklaas en Koning Kabberdas.

Sinterklaas en Koning Kabberdas was released in the Belgian cinemas on the 27th of October.