Kiki is a diver specializing in forensic diving and the recovery of corpses. She has had to fight hard for the respect of the small team of machos she leads. When Kiki fishes up a severed hand from a Brussels canal, she comes into contact with Chief Inspector Nick Cafmeyer. The hand appears to be sawn off alive. Nick looks for it in a reckoning in the drug scene, but Kiki, from her background, has a very different view on the matter. She is sucked into a swirling series of events from which she cannot escape unscathed… Based on a book by Mo Hayder.

For our client and distributor Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD), we’ve set up an extensive PR and media campaign for RITUEEL, Hans Herbots’ latest film. Day One took care of getting both mainstream (dailies, magazines, radio and television) and specialized media on board and getting as much coverage as possible. By setting up interview opportunities, press days and the big premiere at Kinepolis Antwerp, we managed to make a nice campaign for RITUEEL, which starred Marie Vinck and Geert Van Rampelberg as the main roles.

RITUEEL was released in the Belgian cinemas on the 7th of September.