“Red Sandra” tells the true story of the Belgian Massart family, a story that touched the media and public opinion in Belgium and far beyond 10 years ago. William and Olga are unexpectedly diagnosed that their only daughter Sandra (6) suffers from MLD, a rare muscle disease. She has about a year to live. The world of the family collapses. The father refuses to give up hope and throws himself into a dogged battle against the pharmaceutical industry.

For our client and distributor Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD), we’ve set up an extensive PR and media campaign for the film. Day One took care of getting both mainstream (dailies, magazines, radio and television) and specialized media (pharmaceutical media e.g.) on board and getting as much coverage as possible. By setting up interview opportunities, press days and a big premiere on FFO Night #4, we managed to make a nice campaign for Red Sandra, the first co-production of Jan Verheyen and his wife Lien Willaert.

Red Sandra was released in the Belgian cinemas on the 27th of October.