Day One announced MASTR

MASTR stands for MAnagement and STRategy of influencer activities. We’ve already performed these activities in the current structure, but from now on, they will be bundled and further developed under the flag of MASTR.

The core activity will be the management and development of influencers, and the strategy and implementation of the optimal influencer concept for brands and companies, using a combination of own and external influencers.

MASTR will be headed by Mathieu Santy, a longstanding member of the Day One team. Mathieu started building up the influencer activities within Day One years ago and will use his knowledge and experience within MASTR from now on. Mathieu has already completed a full course within this segment and has concrete experience with activities at entertainment clients such as Mattel, MGA Entertainment, Warner Bros, Universal Home Entertainment, Kinepolis Film Distribution, etc.

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