HITMAN 2 Preview Event @ Day One MPM

Our beloved Hitman – Agent 47 – was in town, and therefore decided to drop by in our offices to let a handful of journalists get their hands on the new Colombia location in HITMAN 2. Many were interested, only a few survived…Uhm, were selected. A brief introduction to the newest location where Agent 47 can do what he does best, was followed by a hands-on session in which our invitees were tasked to assassinate 3 targets.

But we had an extra surprise up our sleeve, as we invited a local barber to attend the session and carefully slid their throa…I mean, give the journalists a nice clean shave after each playsession to look as sharp as a barber’s razor.

The preview event spanned over 2 consecutive days and gave 10 media outlets the opportunity to get a nice look of what HITMAN 2 has in store. The response afterwards was great, as they all really enjoyed both the game as well as our little extra.

Until a next event!