H4Z4RD drifts into the cinemas

Noah Hazard can’t imagine life without his golden sports car, complete with personalized license plates. For his daughter Zita, the car functions as a cozy carriage; for his girlfriend Lea, as a convenient taxi; and to his shady cousin Carlos, fresh out of prison, like a speeding getaway car. However, when a job through Carlos gets completely out of hand, it’s up to Noah to prevent his beloved Lexus from becoming his coffin…

For our client and distributor Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD), we’ve set up an extensive PR and media campaign for H4Z4RD. Day One took care of getting both mainstream (dailies, magazines, radio and television) and specialized media (gaming, automotive, film media e.g.) on board and getting as much coverage as possible. By setting up interview opportunities, press days and the big premiere at Tomorrowland, we managed to make a nice campaign for H4Z4RD, the first lead role for world famous dj Dimitri ‘Vegas’ Thivaios.

H4Z4RD was released in the Belgian cinemas on the 20th of July.