Elliott from Earth

Elliott from Earth, new series on Cartoon Network

Elliott and his mother Frankie are investigating a mysterious stone. Their lives take a dramatic turn when they are suddenly hurled across the universe and end up in the Centrium. There they meet a motley collection of aliens from parts of the universe unknown: frogs that farm words, teachers who were once bad guys, a cyclops that can see the future, creatures with three heads (who constantly fight), shapeshifters, clones and many more.

For our client Cartoon Network (Warner Media) we’ve set up a great PR campaign consisting of two large parts.

First, we collaborated with comedian and DIY-genius Henk Rijckaert. In his YouTube series ‘De Koterij‘, he created two exclusive Elliott from Earth nightlights! Pretty cool! One will be given away to his followers, the other one will be the grand prize in a big contest with breakfast journal De Zondag.

In addition, Day One set up collaborations with target group influencers such as Veronique de Kock, Cynthia Reekmans, Tim Ost, Erika van Tielen, Isabelle A and Annemie Ramaekers.

First episode to be seen on Cartoon Network on 24 May at 16.45 h. Go check it out!