De Slimste Mens ter Wereld – het bordspel

“‘T is gebeurd!” The renewed board game of ‘De Slimste Mens ter Wereld’ was highlighted by Day One by managing both the PR and influencer campaign in Flanders.

Play the popular TV quiz at home and discover in five exciting rounds which of you is ‘De Slimste’. Earn your first seconds with the round ‘3-6-9’; give the four right answers in the round ‘Open Deur’; can you solve the puzzle while your hard-earned seconds tick away? How many right answers do you know in the round ‘Ingelijst’? And then the finale is yet to begin: one question, five answers.

With this renewed version with more than 6.000 surprising questions and answers, De Slimste Mens ter Wereld – the board game is good for hours of fun!