Bittersweet Sixteen

Lotte is a teenager of 15 and is looking forward to her 16th birthday, her ‘sweet sixteen’. She has had a difficult year: a toxic relationship with Astrid, the prettiest girl in the class, damaged her self-image. On the home front, there is also a surprising twist: her parents split up. Meanwhile, hormones rage through adolescent bodies, days are colored by budding loves, the difficult but beautiful search for sexual identity, avoiding the pitfalls of high school, and existential doubts and questions like: why do we need to know from which layers the Campine soil exists, and why the hell did Glenn have to die in ‘The Walking Dead’? All the big and small storylines will intersect and come to a climax at the party for Lotte’s 16th birthday.

Commissioned by Kinepolis Film Distribution, Day One was responsible for the various facets of the Media, PR & content plan for the Bittersweet Sixteen cinema release.

From a few weeks before release, a constant feed of authentic content systematically built anticipation to ensure that the teen target audience could not ignore Bittersweet Sixteen around release, along with the release campaign.

The release campaign used TikTok, In-App video ads, Wattpad, SnapChat & YouTube, among others. There was intensive collaboration with MASTR on the content plan and the influencer strategy.