Crate Creatures presents Barf Buddies

Get your buckets and towels ready, because the Barf Buddies are in town! Not only do they look funny, they also are true masters in projectile vomiting. A skill that many have probably acquired for a limited time after a night out, but these guys are able to do it ALL THE TIME! Say what?!

Fill their giant mouths with the slime that comes with the Barf Buddies, give their tails a big yank and expect the unexpected! Well, it depends on what you consider unexpected..But what about the rainbow of barf that comes flying out, am I right? Each slime pod also comes with 3 different Puke Pals that they can spit out. Eeeeew, gros! But like, in a funny way.

Day One took care of the PR & influencer campaign, getting the next big thing in the world of slime in the picture. Not only mom blogs got their hands on the products, we also worked together with influencers and it was the perfect time for TikTok influencers to get creative with these little guys!