Barbie pop-up house - 60th Anniversary

Barbie pop-up house

For the 60th Anniversary of Barbie, Day One and our client Mattel created a Barbie pop-up house in which kids can experience the iconic professions of Barbie (astronaut, pilot, scientist, artist, soccer player). At a very young age already, young girls stop believing they can be anything. This is called ‘The Dream Gap’. With our pop-up we want to close The Dream Gap by offering girls a Barbie experience in which they Can Be Anything. Together with ourr partners Dreamland, Jet Import, Kidibul and Vondelmolen, we had a successfull start of the pop-up in June, and the Barbie pop-up returns on the same Brussels location in the month of October. The first day was opened by a large number of press and influencers.