Barbie Pilot

These Barbie fans got the chance to become pilot for 1 day, together with Barbie Pilot. We invited them to visit the CAE Training Centre together with their family. They got a unique look behind the scenes of this pilot training and also met former feminin CAE cadets who are training to become professional pilots for airlines in Europe.

A few more years of traing at #cae and they’re ready for the real job! Big thanks to CAE Pilot for making their dream come true!

For over sixty years, Barbie has championed girls, inspired generations to believe in the limitless potential of girls and showed them that they have many choices. Aftermore than two hundred careers, six presidential races and beating Neil Armstrong to the moon, Barbie continues to evolve into a modern, powerful role model for all ages. The Barbie brand believes girls should never know a world, job or dream that women haven’t conquered. That’s how Barbie wants to tackle the ‘Dream Gap’ with young girls. After all, this is the moment when they stop believing that they can become anything they want.