“We manage and amplify your Benelux entertainment, content & lifestyle campaigns.”

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/ What we do

Set the right priorities, in a world where PR results are increasingly faster, more volatile and more diverse. 
PR handling and management, ongoing or on a per-project basis.

Media Strategy, Buying, Fulfilment

Kick off with a clear, unambiguous media strategy that combines what is needed with what sets you apart. Programmatic or Traditional, usually both. Always efficient.

Licensing / Partners

Draw in external partners for your project or campaign. Support each other’s marketing goals with trade marketing and joint promotions. Ride along or offer someone else a ride. Find leverage that works for all concerned.

Social Media Management

Content management and the day-to-day, tactical support of your Social Media feed. A point of contact and convergence to influence other parts of your communication plan and strengthen it. 
Crucial potential in building anticipation for a launch or release.

Brand Activation

Taking your brand or products to the consumer, increasing awareness and engagement in a creative environment that offers people a unique brand experience.

Launch Events

Showcasing your product launch in the best creative conditions, building momentum and getting people to spread the word… your word.

Influencer Marketing

Working more closely with bloggers, vloggers, influencers and communities to improve the recognition, likeability and shareability of the brands and products.

Full Media Approach

In a landscape where different types of media output and marketing activities may overlap and reinforce each other more than ever, one centralized approach and plan is an essential launching pad for achieving maximum results.

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Elias Adam

Stan Blomme

Tim Desmet

Mathieu Santy

Lucas Verstaen

Koenraad Parrein

Monika Popieluch

Karim Shehata

Iza Knockaert

Marthe Dewitte

Elke Zweers

Vincent Van Hoolwerff

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Vanaf vandaag kan je persoonlijk deelnemen aan de beroemdste wielerwedstrijden ter wereld met Pro Cycling Manager en Tour de France 2020! 🚴‍♂️
Cet été, les plus célèbres des compétitions cyclistes auront lieu grâce à vous ! 🚴‍♀️
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Arkane Studios viert z'n 20e verjaardag! Houd Twitch.tv/Bethesda_NL nauw in de gaten om streams te volgen, waarbij verschillende Arkane pareltjes voorbij komen en giveaways te winnen zijn.
Arkane Studios fête son 20ème anniversaire! Les fans pourront se connecter à la chaîne Twitch de Bethesda pour participer aux diffusions en direct avec des développeurs d’Arkane Studios et des invités spéciaux.
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